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What is plagiarism?
In few words, when someone else’s ideas or works you presenting as your own work or ideas that called plagiarism. IN Academic language, our blog or any content involves same words, or any same information from any of other sites that called plagiarism. That means plagiarism is kind of stealing knowledge of others or fraud. When we used any word- for – word transcription of any section of another’s work without any kind of quotation mark that makes plagiarism content for the any of website.

Punishment of plagiarized content : 

For any industry there consequences of plagiarism  

 1) destroyed that company’s reputation.
2)Future Works become difficult.
3)End of any organization’s career
4) become legal government crime

1)Destroyed that company’s reputation :

Firstly, When you steal any kind of data or content from any of websites that makes your company reputation very poor, your current client and your becoming future client could not put trust on your company after viewing your publishing plagiarised content.any kind of reputed company will always publish content that’s are target to the audience’s relevant content.After published plagiarized content your company proved that you are careless about customer’s need and their business.

2)Future works become difficult :

After plagiarism, your reputation will destroyed and in market you have faces very difficulties to find new reputed job,especially, as for the same role of job in any industry. The written and published content is representative of any company’s work that’s done, so other companies will think to hire that person for his/her company.

3)End of content writer career
When you plagiarize content on any kind of company’s website that company’s business reputation will die so on the spot they will be fired.

4)become legal government crime
Because of some kind of plagiarism, you face many types of scary legal repercussions. There is copyright law available for that you will be locked up in a prison also.

How to avoid plagiarized content?

For Avoiding plagiarized content ,
1) when you write any content put your own ideas first with quote
2)if you put any content from any of authors blog then kindly put them name and credit to that in text
3) when you submit your content , before that you have used a plagiarism checker and filtered your content and checked that there is any kind of plagiarism available or not and after that you can submit that content.

How plagiarism affects SEO??
when anyone write content from any where it means if content was copypaste then it’s not only affected on someone plagiarize work it’s become penalized as a result, In many of bad cases, your  whole website can be stolen, or google can be decide that you are the problem and it can be remove you from the search results also.

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